Women Empowerment

The women have a potential to grow vegetables and to gain income. We started with leafies vegetables to make new women farmers become more interested in vegetable farming. Leafies vegetables can be grown in open soil with simple raised beds or with media mix in crop boxes. It can also be harvested in 2-3 weeks’ time. The women farmers who have been growing leafy vegetables are mostly new farmers.

Women farmers have more time and teamwork in growing vegetables than the men. They also can be a vegetable seller when they have some harvested crops.

Leafy vegetables are very easy to plant – not only by small holder farmers but also by women or anyone by simply sowing leafy seeds in homeyards, polybags, or a more recent approach of vertical garden.

Farm Over The Sea

  • By:YBTS

Farming was commonly related to farmland and garden plots as the medium. However, the...