Vegetable Production with Impact

The vegIMPACT NL program builds on the result of previous joint Indonesian - Dutch horticulture cooperation, the vegIMPACT (2012-2017). The addition of ‘NL’ stands for both Next Level and the Netherlands: vegIMPACT NL contributes to the further (‘next level’) development of vegetable production and private sector development in Indonesia using horticulture knowledge and expertise from the Netherlands and Indonesia. The program is fully supported by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and coordinated by Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

The activities in vegIMPACT NL contribute to the following objectives:

  • Stimulate and facilitate innovation for a sustainable and commercial horticultural sector (knowledge development and research, collaboration with private sector)
  • Build human capacity of private sector and teaching staffs to lead the development of the horticultural sector in the coming decades (education and training, collaboration with private sector)
  • Disseminate knowledge of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to vegetable farmers (education and training, collaboration with private sector)

The activities in vegIMPACT NL are organized in six tracks and a program management track:

  • Track 1. Knowledge transfer (KT)
  • Track 2. Shallot production and post-harvest technology
  • Track 3. Seed potato technology and supply system
  • Track 4. Young farmers
  • Track 5. Digital information and social media (DISM)
  • Track 6. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • Track 7. Management and coordination

YBTS is the main implementing partner of KT, shallot, DISM, and M&E. The potato track is implemented by Kenhose (Kentang Hollando Sejahtera). The young farmers prepare vocational students of agriculture for employment in the agriculture sector. A sector cannot grow if skilled and educated young resources are lacking.

Shallot Track

  • By:YBTS

Theme of activities together with EWINDO and BALITSA (Balai Penelitian Tanaman...