Integrated Livelihood

In Timor island (Nusa Tenggara Timur province, Indonesia), YBTS supported by KARINA works through integrated capacity building for farmers' livelihood in 7 (seven) villages, contains of 28 FGs (1,118 farmers, 559 HH), in Tubuhue, Mnelalete, and Tublopo village (West Amanuban district), Kuatae village (Soe district), Lakatand Tetaf village (Kuatnana district), and also Nobi-nobi (Central Amanuban district), Timor Tengah Selatan regency (TTS). By this integrated approach, it is expected that it can increase the resilience of farmers in solving drought threats as well.

We do; Knowledge transfer of good vegetables cultivation, Land and water resources conservation, Water access facility construction for vegetables farming, Increasing farmers' income, Increasing market access.

YBTS cooperate, synchronize and collaborate with government agencies in TTS regency and also structural agencies, such as military, NGO and existing private partners. We expected that this program can be a model that can be adopted and replicated widely.

"SABU" Movement

  • By:YBTS

As the Subdistrict Head of Wewewa Barat since 2021, Bapak Antonius Kette, S.TP, is...