Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera

Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera (YBTS) was established to take part in the social and humanitarian fields, especially related to agricultural livelihoods. We work to help improve farmers' livelihoods to make them more prosperous. The founding of the foundation is one of the corporate social responsibility strategies of PT. East West Seed Indonesia ( http://www.panahmerah.id ).

We believe that farmers' livelihoods can be improved, among others, by means of a transfer of knowledge and technology in order to increase the capacity and productivity of farmers in farming. In this regard, the Foundation provides counseling and consulting services, conducts training on cultivation and agricultural business, and operates nurseries. The Foundation's program targets small-scale farmers in Indonesia, especially those who are still low or have limited access to technical assistance and extension services. We also give attention and service to the management and use of natural resources and the environment in a sustainable manner.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We believe in high quality vegetable seeds for better living. With this vision we assist in the improvement of farmers livelihood and care also about social and environmental issues.

Our Mission

In realizing the vision, YBTS provides knowledge and technology transfer, agriculture extension and consultancy services, and conducts training on agriculture practices and agribusiness. In this regard, we develop a program based on the potential for improvement of smallholder farmers’ livelihood in eastern parts of Indonesia and less penetrated markets. YBTS, founded in April 2009, targets small-holder farmers especially those with limited access to the technical assistance and extension services. We put great attention and provide services in sustainable use and management of natural resources and environment.


  • Providing and facilitating extension services, which through the adoption of technologies related to vegetable production and crop production in general, will improve the livelihoods (livelihoods) of small-scale farmers.
  • Carry out programs and activities of the foundation developed based on the potential for change (improving the livelihoods of small-scale farmers) through: technical assistance, access to information and markets, and connections with value chain actors horizontally and vertically, and the development of added value from value chain.
  • Taking economic, social and environmental considerations and goals into account in integrating sustainability aspects into our programs and projects.

Technical Approach

  • On-Farm Improvement

    Transfer of knowledge and technologies which enable implementation of good agricultural practices with smallholder farmers so that farmers become more productive and operate efficiently.
  • Nutrition Value

    To promote better nutrition through higher consumption of vegetables and other healthy products.
  • Off-Farm Value and Linkages

    To enable farmers to generate additional income and add value to their products through improved qualities and better market linkages.
  • Creating Synergy

    To promote added value via cooperation and partnership i.e. leveraging supports expertise of potential partners such as universities, private companies, development organizations, NGOs, etc.
  • Data, Information, and Digital Outreach

    Share & disseminate information and knowledge materials as well as success stories through information services & digital outreach channels.